Oregon Judge Vance Day Refusing To Marry Gay Couples

A circuit court judge in Oregon is now joining Kim Davis on a list of fanatical religious zealots who don’t understand either the Bible or the Constitution, and is refusing to perform marriage ceremonies. And now, he’s raising money to mount a legal defense which will obviously fall to pieces in the very near future.

Judge Vance Day, who was formerly the Oregon Republican Party Chairman, has refused to take part in gay marriage ceremonies for months, citing “Deeply-held religious beliefs,” according to NBC affiliate KGW of Portland. A spokesman for Day claims that “It’s an exercise of his religious freedom rights under the First Amendment.”

Day is apparently under investigation by the Oregon Commission on Judicial Fitness and Disability for apparent violations of the Oregon Code of Judicial Conduct and the Oregon Constitution, though the investigation has not yet been confirmed. Now, he’s establishing a legal defense fund for what will surely be an onslaught of legal challenges to his bigotry. However, the story is not gaining the same traction as the Kim Davis story, mostly due to the fact that several other judges in Marion County are willing and able to perform those weddings.

This is the part in the article where we explain that Vance Day neither understands the Bible whatsoever, nor has he ever taken a few moments to comprehend the Constitution. That latter one is kind of important, you know, seeing as how it’s his job and all.

The First Amendment gives us two things (with regards to religion, anyway): a wall of separation between Church and State, which prohibits the government from establishing an official State religion, and individual rights to believe in whatever God(s) we choose, or no Gods at all. And that second bit is where clowns like Kim Davis, Vance Day, and their small army of supporters apparently find themselves confused.

Vance Day, like Kim Davis before him, fails to comprehend that he isn’t a religious crusader fighting for his civil liberties against the big, bad Government. In these cases, Day and Davis are the Government, stripping away the rights of others — rights deemed to be constitutional by the Supreme Court of the United States — in the name of their own views.

Day, Davis, and their ilk can be as vocally opposed to the Supreme Court’s ruling on marriage equality all they like. They can do TV interviews with Fox News, and write op-eds for Breitbart, and attend rallies, and whatever else they’d like to do on their own time. Will they be on the wrong side of history? Yes, but at least they aren’t on the wrong side of the law. But while serving in their official capacities, they’re expected to uphold the laws of the land, regardless of whether or not they approve of said laws. Because at the end of the day, Day and Davis both choose to continue serving in those positions. And that, unlike homosexuality, is a choice.

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