Facebook’s reach-killing test in Slovakia is a big warning to all media

Media outlets in Slovakia, Sri Lanka, Serbia, Bolivia, Guatemala and Cambodia are going through a rough week – and they have nobody but Facebook to blame for the headache. A new Facebook news feed experiment is purportedly causing a huge decrease in organic traffic to news outlets in the aforementioned countries. Last Thursday, the social media giant brought its Explore Feed feature to desktop, but it turns out it didn’t have the best impact on news sites, to put it lightly. Outlets are reporting Facebook interactions (i.e. likes, comments, shares) have sunk nearly four times since the company updated the…

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What does it take to get women involved in crypto?

Currently women only make up about 5-7% of cryptocurrency users. With many saying cryptocurrency is one of the best opportunities for wealth creation in the near future, why are women not getting involved and how can we fix this? Tech has notoriously had problems with gender balances, but this gender gap is the worst yet. The Divi Project is a token launching its ICO soon and is aiming to use its resources to solve this societal problem. They have organized a panel with Coin Telegraph co-founder Toni Lane Casserly, publicist Heidi Krupp, and entrepreneur Kelsey Matheson. As Matheson says, “As…

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WeWork just bought a coding bootcamp, and it actually makes a lot of sense

WeWork, the mega-unicorn startup that operates trendy office spaces across the world, announced today that it had acquired the New York-based coding bootcamp, Flatiron School. The Flatiron School offers immersive software development education, allowing students to learn to code in just a few months. At $15,000, tuition is a fraction of what you could expect a four-year computer science degree to cost. This is the latest, and arguably the most high-profile acquisition in WeWork’s seven year history, which has seen it snap up the likes of Israel’s Unomy, FieldLens, and the Singapore co-working space, Spacemob. However, the terms of the acquisition…

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Drug vendors are ditching dark web markets to start their own private P2P shops

In spite of a long streak of high-profile busts over the past few months, illegal trading on the dark web seems to be burgeoning – so much so that some vendors have began leaving behind popular marketplaces to set up their own private shops. Unlike standard dark web markets – which facilitate communication between customers and vendors and also act as an escrow service until transactions have been completed – some vendors have now spun off to accept peer-to-peer (P2P) orders straight from their own independent webshops. The move towards private P2P shops represents “the natural evolution of a successful…

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You can now buy (but not play) original Xbox games from the Xbox Marketplace

The tastiest bit of news out of this year’s E3 was that Microsoft was updating the Xbox One to allow it to play original Xbox games. As someone who spent his formative years with his hands around one of those absurdly massive controllers, I’m pretty damn excited. And now, it seems like the feature is tantalizingly close, as original Xbox games have appeared on the “games on demand” section of the Xbox Marketplace. Here’s what’s coming: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Neowave: The King of Fighters Prince of Persia Red Faction 2 BloodRayne 2 Dead to Rights  Some…

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