Instagram is trying to get a little more personal with a favorite friends list

Instagram is rethinking the way you share on the platform. According to a report by The Verge, the company is testing a feature that allows you to share photos with just a limited group of friends – and Instagram will be a lot better for it. Currently, you have little in the way of privacy controls on Instagram. You can either make your account public and share with everyone, or make it private so that all your photos are only visible by the people you approve. That doesn’t allow for much nuance. It’s reasonable that you might be happy sharing…

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Avoid these mistakes when closing a big business deal

As a salesperson, you have one thing on your mind: closing as many deals as possible. Regardless of how much time you put into the sales process, it all comes down to the “final push.” This is when you negotiate, discuss the finer details, and do whatever it takes to close the deal. There is nothing more stressful than this. Have you struggled to close deals in the past? Are you wondering what you’re doing wrong? By reviewing your past strategy, you can make changes to help boost your conversion rate in the future. One thing you must absolutely do…

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Build cutting-edge websites from dozens of premium WordPress themes for under $40

Putting together a website means answering a lot of questions. What type of layout should the site have? How should users navigate? What added graphics or animated elements would you like to see incorporated? For WordPress users, choosing the website theme that works best for you answers literally dozens of site creation questions with a single button push. For a decision that important, you can secure access to beautifully crafted and dazzlingly original WordPress themes with this lifetime subscription to the TeslaThemes WordPress Themes package. You can get it now at an 84 percent discount — only $39 — from…

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Google has killed off the ability to only back up Photos while charging

One of the most beloved features Google implemented in Photos was the ability to back up your image collection only while charging. But it seems Android users are in for a bitter disappointment as the company has officially ditched the functionality in the latest version of the app. A litany of irked users flocked to the official Google support forums as well as some other smartphone communities to complain about the missing feature. While some initially speculated the issue could simply be the outcome of a glitch, Google has since confirmed it is indeed “working as intended.” The less-than-desired change…

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Tweeten 2 updates the best Tweetdeck replacement with filters and better GIF support

I live in Twitter. It’s where I find stories, communicate with my peers, and rant about PRs. That said, I’m not hugely impressed with the default Twitter web interface, which separates messages and the timeline into two disparate areas. Tweetdeck doesn’t do anything for me, either. Tweeten, however, is an intriguing little project. Launched almost eighteen months ago, this is a standalone version of Tweetdeck that comes bundled as an application, but has been skinned and customized within an inch of its life. Today saw the launch of Tweeten 2. This is a pretty significant update. In addition to the…

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Facebook is testing a revamped Videos tab with suggested clips on Android

Facebook has been pushing video on its platform for quite a while now, but a revamped Videos tab in its mobile apps indicates that the company is hoping to draw even more eyeballs away from rival services like YouTube. I’ve only just spotted a new Video tab (marked with a ‘play’ icon in the app’s navigation bar) in the Android app; it features an endless stream of videos from your network – both from Pages you follow, as well as clips your friends have liked or shared. There’s also a bunch of buttons to surface videos from various categories like…

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Samsung’s Bixby knows Galaxy S8 owners would rather use Google Assistant

Samsung blew the competition out of the water with its exquisitely designed Galaxy S8 flagship. But one thing consumers found rather underwhelming was the company’s decision to include a dedicated physical button for Bixby – and it seems even the virtual assistant has grown smart enough to know this. In a bizarre turn of events, Redditors were amused to spot that one of the apps Bixby recommends to Galaxy S8 users is bxActions – an app specifically designed to disable the Bixby physical button or remap it with alternatives like Google Now or Assistant. Given that the South Korean phone maker…

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