Instagram’s new Direct replies are basically threaded messaging for photos

Instagram’s Direct messages are becoming a bit more powerful. Following yesterday’s addition of threaded conversations, you can now directly reply to specific individual photos or videos shared with you with your own media Basically, when you tap the reply button on a photo or video in Direct, it will show up as a sticker onto which you can overlay your reaction. It’s kind of hard to put into words, so a screengrab will do a better job of explaining it: You can also show the sticker in a split screen view, or draw on it, because who doesn’t like to…

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Barely into Beta, Sansar is already making social VR look good

What now feels like a very long time ago (it was in fact only April 2016, but VR has come a long way since then) I met Linden Lab CEO Ebbe Altberg at their San Francisco HQ to chat about what was then called “Project Sansar”, their ambitious social VR platform. Much like “The Facebook” in tech less is often more, so the “Project” bit has since been dropped, and Sansar has now opened to the public in Beta following a closed creator preview earlier this year. Until now, complexity and cost has limited who could create and publish in…

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xHamster solicits Netflix with offer to produce next season of Sense8

xHamster wants to get in on the action… the Netflix action. The pornography heavyweight has extended an offer to the popular streaming service to produce the third season of its original sci-fi drama series Sense8. The proposal comes a few weeks after Netflix – somewhat out of the blue – revealed its intention not to renew the show for a third season, despite critical acclaim and solid cult following. But xHamster wants to keep it going: “We know it’s unconventional, but we want to bring [Sense8] back.” And no, they’re not talking about doing an X-themed parody of the show,…

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Android creator Andy Rubin: Essential Phone is now available to order

Following months of anticipation and some broken promises, Android creator Andy Rubin has made it official: The Essential Phone has finally launched and is now available to order. The brand new handset is currently listed for pre-orders on Essential’s own website as well as on Sprint and Best Buy – though it seems each vendor will have a different offer for the phone (more details on that will follow later, but Sprint is reported to offer a $260 discount at retail). The Essential Phone will be available unlocked from its own web store at the price of $699. Those interested…

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Skype’s controversial redesign is coming to desktops – here’s how to try it

It was only a matter of time. After Skype brought its sleek-but-much-maligned new design to Android and iOS, it’s now doing the same for desktop. The company is today opening up a Preview for the new look and features, so it won’t replace the standard Skype – for now. For those who haven’t been keeping up, the new design is a lot whiter, featuring colorful highlights and gradients, as well as a recurring wave motif. Feature-wise, it ape’s Snapchat’s Stories and includes some video calling features like reactions and image sharing. You can read more about the changes in our…

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Want to get people talking about your disgusting food? Fake an iPhone 8 picture

McDonald’s Australia (or ‘Maccas,’ as it’s known down under) has made waves in the tech world, after the fast food giant used images of the iPhone 8 in an advert for its MyMacca’s ordering app. Half Life 3 iPhone 8 confirmed, right? Ehrm, not really. While the advert, which was emailed to customers on Thursday, matches what we “know” about the device so far (particularly with respect to the form of the nearly-bezelless display), it wasn’t based on inside information, but rather a render from Benjamin Geskin. #iPhone8 In McDonald’s email (They took my render) — Benjamin Geskin (@VenyaGeskin1)…

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