Uber was reportedly almost booted from the App Store for tracking iPhones

Uber is making headlines once again as fresh allegations of its questionable business practices surface. The latest comes from The New York Times, which reports that Uber was nearly kicked out of Apple’s App Store for tracking iPhones even after users had deleted the ridesharing app. In early 2015, Apple had discovered that Uber had been ‘fingerprinting’ iPhones in such a way that they could always identify each of those devices even after they had their data erased. Apparently, some drivers were buying stolen iPhones, creating rider accounts on them and accepting rides from said accounts in order to make…

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Create effective and dazzling business plans with the help of Bizplan Premium — just $69

Putting together a business plan can be almost as nerve-racking as starting the business itself. How do you make sure to include all the components you need so potential stakeholders will trust you and invest in your vision? You can take a big leap toward answering all of those questions with the help of a lifetime subscription to Bizplan’s premium service. Right now, you can lock in Bizplan assistance for life at over 90 percent off its regular price — just $69 — from TNW Deals. With simple, intuitive, step-by-step navigation, Bizplan will immediately put even a planning newbie in…

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Artificial Intelligence has to deal with its transparency problems

Artificial Intelligence breakthroughs and developments entail new challenges and problems. As AI algorithms grow more advanced, it becomes more difficult to make sense of their inner workings. Part of this is because the companies that develop them do not allow the scrutiny of their proprietary algorithms. But a lot of it has to do with the mere fact that AI is becoming opaque due to its increasing complexity. And this can turn into a problem as we move forward and Artificial Intelligence becomes more prominent in our lives. By a long range, AI algorithms perform much better than their human…

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Study to be a Cisco networking master with nine certifications for just $49

If you’re going to be an IT specialist, knowing all there is to know about Cisco Systems hardware and networks isn’t a bad place to start. Cisco remains the preeminent tech titan for bringing complex business networking into alignment – so being an expert in their universe of products is a sure-fire way to put a charge into your job prospects as well as your income bracket. In fact, Cisco network administration skills add about 9 percent to a tech professional’s salary — and with the Complete Cisco Mastery bundle of courses ($49, over 90% off), you’ll not only have…

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Fundamental growth hacking for new ‘solopreneurs’

Successful digital marketing and website optimization = more business. Yes, it’s a fact and that’s great… But what about hacking your way to growth as a new entrepreneur working alone i.e. a ‘solopreneur’? The phenomenon has arrived and it’s here to stay. Many of us are now cutting the costly overheads that come with operating huge offices and numerous employees. It just makes sense. So, with limited hours (and budget) working for yourself – how do you efficiently maximize your presence and get noticed by those who matter? Growth hacking is a turbo-charged form of marketing where you shed anything…

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Uber: The good, the bad, and the really, really ugly

Uber is on fire. It has a $68 billion market cap and countless happy riders who can readily articulate why using Uber is better than taking a cab or driving their own car, or maybe even owning their own car. And the Uber drivers get to be their own boss and choose the hours when they want to drive. What’s not to like?  Well, of late, there’s quite a bit not to like, and the fire may be burning out of control. Even if Uber overcomes the resigning and firing of key executives, and escapes from the legal mess of Waymo and…

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Reformed Conservative Christian Shreds The Corporate Rape-Culture of Fox News (VIDEO)

Former conservative Christian Frank Schaeffer is denouncing conservatives for fostering and enabling the toxic culture of sexual harassment that pervades Fox News. 

Fox News promotes misogyny

Fox News has long promoted the importance of family values and morality, but it’s recently shed two of its most prominent personalities — Bill O’Reilly and Roger Ailes — for doing the exact opposite. Frankly, if these two were women, they would be called names that are normally used to insult prostitutes.

And Schaeffer knows this. The culture that Fox News is really fostering is the opposite of how it was in the past, when conservatives took responsibility for their own actions, he writes in a recent blog post. 

“Had a 1950s or a 1960s version of Bill O’Reilly or Roger Ailes manifested in the news having sexually abused women, the right — and the religious right in particular — would have led the nation in loud, angry denunciations.”

He notes O’Reilly is playing the blame game.

“I see little to no admission of moral error from O’Reilly nor from Fox News,” he writes. “O’Reilly blamed others, and his victimization. He used to mock liberals as the ‘whiny left’ when it came to blaming society for crimes by — say — black youths. O’Reilly said his ‘departure’ was not his fault but the cost of being a media personality.”

Schaeffer says he also hasn’t seen any contrition from Ailes either. He believes Ailes, the former CEO of Fox News, is responsible for creating “Fox News corporate rape-culture,” reports Raw Story’s Brad Reed.

And conservative websites like The National Review and Breitbart weren’t up to much either. “Fox Breaks Ties With Host Bill O’Reilly,” was all the Review could muster, and Breitbart went with blaming left-wing activists with this borderline hysterical nonsense:


Oh come on! That’s ridiculous. But perhaps this is how O’Reilly and his former boss started blaming everyone except themselves. All these other people were doing the hand-wringing for them.

And Schaeffer writes that for a large majority of white evangelical Christians, Trump is their clueless, selfish and self-absorbed leader:

“Then again with white evangelicals as the most solid Trump-voter bloc (other than KKK members) how can evangelicals lead in a rallying rejection of sexist behavior toward women from conservative media personalities and outlets? Their president is an unrepentant ‘p**sy-grabber’ who bragged he could do whatever he wanted to women because of his celebrity status.”

The late William F. Buckley and the late Republican congressman Jack Kemp were Schaeffer’s friends. Both men believed that “every policy solution began and ended with each person acknowledging his or her personal responsibility.”

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And the festering rot that became Fox News began slowly from inside. It took the network years to acknowledge what Ailes and O’Reilly were doing. If The New York Times hadn’t broke the story about O’Reilly, we might never have known what he was doing to women.

“The fact is that American conservatism is anything but moral, conservative or even decent. It is sexist, violent, abusive and hates women,” he writes.

And in conclusion, he adds:

“Fox News’s embedded misogyny isn’t the exception. It is the rule. Period. And this Fox News leering brand of male libido-rape-culture ‘conservatism’ must be exposed — and then destroyed — mercilessly.”

Fox News treats its women like they are trophies or Barbie Dolls. They don’t necessarily have to be intelligent, but they do have to look like they walked out of a modeling agency. Men aren’t held to this standard. Nobody should be held to this standard.

Really, this has to change.

Schaeffer shares more of his views in the video below.


Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for New York Giants

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