Nintendo releases ‘Super Mario Run’ on Android a day early

For the unfortunate Android fans that had to wait their turn to play Mario on a smartphone — especially those that didn’t realize you could just grab an emulator and play all the old Mario games — today is your day. Nintendo officially announced last Friday the game would drop on March 23rd (tomorrow), but apparently decided to kick things off a day early. Super Mario Run is available now in the Google Play Store, free*. In case you’re wondering, those that switch between Android and iOS still have to buy the game on Android, even if you’ve previously linked your Nintendo…

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Ev Williams has lost his goddamn mind

Ev Williams is a brilliant man. His vision for online publishing offers up a near-utopian vision of what a democratized internet looks like in Medium. He also once ran a couple of other businesses you may have heard of: Twitter, which he co-founded, and Odeo, a popular podcast app that may have actually launched before the public was ready for it, and years prior to the new podcast boom. And then he lost his goddamn mind. Earlier this year, Williams laid off 50 staff members. He also announced Medium would be removing ads from the site until the company found a better way…

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Did Trump order a teenager to take down a kitten website?

One teenager in San Francisco got a letter from the President … and probably not the kind that looks good framed on a wall. Lucy is an aspiring web developer who wanted to make a cute, simple website to show off on her resume. She made a little site where kitten paws slap the face of Donald Trump. It was called — apparently one of the few “Trump” domain names he forgot to buy. Sounds harmless right? Apparently not everyone thought so. Three weeks after it went live, Lucy allegedly got a Cease & Desist from the President’s lawyers. Lucy told the…

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Nintendo offers fix for Switch but won’t admit it’s broken

Nintendo, officially, doesn’t have a problem with Switch Joy-Cons. It does, however, have a fix for the problem it, uh, doesn’t have? By and large, the Switch is a big hit — Nintendo is even doubling production to get more consoles on the shelves. But it has had its problems, including the widespread issue with the left Joy-Con, which de-syncs from the console randomly. Of course, Nintendo isn’t calling it a “problem” or any other word which might have a negative connotation. In a statement to Kotaku, it said the following: There is no design issue with the Joy-Con controllers, and no widespread proactive repair or…

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Bitcoin is tanking (again)

After reaching an all-time high earlier this month, Bitcoin prices are coming back to earth. The current price (as of this writing) of $998 a coin is down more than 20-percent from its previous high, and down 10-percent today alone. As with all Bitcoin peaks, the fall is typically just as dramatic as the rise, and often just as quick. Bitcoin is a volatile currency, so ebbs and flows — and often dramatic ones — are par the course. This fall, however, may have been due, at least in part, to a few news stories over the past couple weeks. As optimistic as some…

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Google is letting celebs speak directly to fans via search results

Google is going to allow sports teams and celebs to “Post” status updates directly into search results. The company today announced it’s opening Posts up to organizations. Specifically, it’s including “museums, sports teams, sports leagues, movies” and in Brazil: musicians. Posts are an experiment to allow participants to post updates directly in Google’s search results. If you think you’re about to see Google turn into a social site, you’ll be disappointed. Posts seem to have been designed for public figures to communicate directly with people who are searching their names: So if you’re searching for the Henry Ford Museum in…

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Instagram will let businesses add a ‘book appointment’ button

Instagram is going to become something of a Yelp competitor soon. In an announcement saying it had reached 1 million advertisers, the company also briefly shared plans to bring a booking feature to the app. Say you want to get a haircut. A new “Book” option on your salon or barbershop’s business profile would let you choose the style of haircut and set a time and date for your visit. You can see a video of the tool in action on Instagram’s blog post. The video also shows a “pricing and payment” section. In the example shown it tells you to pay at the…

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