This Hacker News thread is a masterclass in how to put down your damn smartphone

While it’s not worth rehashing the details, I believe most of us would agree that smartphones are both good and bad. On the one hand, we have a device that holds the vast majority of human knowledge. It’s an invention responsible for a shift in power that democratizes information and empowers those most capable of dispensing it — in theory, at least. On the other, we have a doomsday device responsible for wrecking societal norms (for better or worse) and leading to a population that’s sleep deprived, anxious, and generally unhappy — among other things. Ignorance, as they say, is…

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ProPublica designed a game to simulate the existential despair of the asylum process

A new interactive story game from ProPublica highlights the plight of asylum-seekers by pitting players against a formidable foe: a dull, dreary existence punctuated by inexorable sadness. It’s much more affecting than it has any right to be. The Waiting Game is designed to simulate the experience of someone seeking asylum in the United States. You follow the story of five different unnamed people, all of whom are based on real people. Each is being persecuted for different reasons — race, religion, politics — like their real counterparts. You follow them from the moment they decide to flee their location to…

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To hell with aging: Watch this YouTube video about a dragon

Popular Youtuber CGP Grey today released an adaptation of Nick Bostrom’s The Fable of the Dragon-Tyrant, a short story that parables the world’s lack of effort to fight aging and death with science. It’s an amazing animation that shines new light on an incredible story that seems outright prescient in the era of artificial intelligence breakthroughs. The video is a 13:00 complete narration of the original story, which you can read on Bostrom’s website. It was created by popular educational podcaster and YouTuber CGP Grey, whose other works include videos about machine learning and geography.  At the intersection of hardcore…

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You can now download all your Instagram data. Here’s how

What’s the news? A couple of weeks ago, Instagram promised you’d be able to download all your data from its servers. It’s now rolled out that feature, as first reported by TechCrunch. And it’s not just analytics and personal information; it theoretically includes everything Instagram has on you, including photos, videos, and comments. For context: While we’d like to think Instagram will let you download your data simply out of the goodness of its heart, there are two major factors contributing to the decision. First there’s the Cambridge Analytica scandal (I’m sure you’ve heard of it by now, but if you…

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Scam Alert: Fake MetaMask App on Google Play is stealing users’ ETH

The epidemic of phoney cryptocurrency apps continue to float heedlessly on the Play Store, and Google can’t seem to do anything about it. Security researcher Lukas Stafanko has found yet another phishing app on the Google Play Store — this time it is an imposter of Metamask, a popular Ethereum DApp Browser. Just last week, we had reported that Google Play is hosting a disturbing amount of cryptocurrency phishing applications. The fake MetaMask app is at least the fourth phoney app to get through Google Play, after at least two fake MyEtherWallet apps, and a fake Poloniex phishing app. It…

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Nvidia’s AI reconstructs partially erased images with jaw-dropping accuracy

Nvidia this week unveiled its newest AI breakthrough in the form of a mind-blowing computer vision technique that can ‘inpaint’ parts of an image that have been deleted or modified. If you’re thinking Photoshop already does this, think again. This is something you have to see to believe. Nvidia’s researchers explain the difference between its novel method for inpainting images with deep learning and currently existing tech in a whitepaper published earlier this week: Previous deep learning approaches have focused on rectangular regions located around the center of the image, and often rely on expensive post-processing. The goal of this…

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LG G7 leak shows off phone in full glory

We already know the LG G7 ThinQ will officially be revealed on May 2, but that isn’t stopping the leaks from flowing. Everyones favorite leaker, Evan Blass, shared an image of the G7 from pretty much every angle. The image simply confirms much of what we already knew. The phone will have dual cameras – this time oriented vertically – a notch at the top, and a small-ish bezel at the bottom. It looks kind of like the Huawei P20 from the front, minus the fingerprint reader. G7 ThinQ, redux — Evan Blass (@evleaks) April 23, 2018 It also confirms one…

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