WooThemes joins WordPress parent company Automattic


WooThemes is joining the Automattic family in a bid to make eCommerce sites more plentiful. According to WooThemes, its flagship product, WooCommerce, already powers over 24% of online stores.

Automattic runs popular the popular blogging platform WordPress and add-ons like Gravatar and JetPack.

WooThemes set out to “pioneer WordPress commercial theming,” and has a host of themes and plugins aimed at creating an online marketplace. WooThemes also has “several hundred” WooCommerce extensions for their themes.

Though Automattic is purchasing WooThemes outright, WooCommerce seems to be the main attraction. In a blog post announcing the acquisition, Automattic CEO Matt Mullenweg wrote “WooCommerce joining Automattic is a big step opening WordPress up to an entirely new audience”.

WooThemes says existing customers will have the same service and tools available to them in this transition.

WooThemes joins Automattic: The beginning of an exciting chapter [WooThemes]

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